[Pacemaker] crm_verify exitcodes

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Thu Nov 13 06:39:43 EST 2008


i am currently writing a short shellscript to automatically verify
my cib.xml using xmllint and - after stripping the comments ;) -

i am struggeling with the exit codes. different errors results in exit
code "1". e.g.

xml parse error:
> Couldn't parse input file: c.xml
> 1

config *may* not be valid (i know, that is a bug, nevertheless)
> crm_verify[10247]: 2008/11/13_12:34:53 notice: main: Required feature set: 2.0
> crm_verify[10247]: 2008/11/13_12:34:53 WARN: main: Your configuration was internally updated to the latest version (pacemaker-1.0)
> Warnings found during check: config may not be valid
> 1

maybe this will too be the reason with:
> crm_verify[12148]: 2008/11/13_12:36:58 WARN: unpack_resources: No STONITH resources have been defined

only if the cib.xml file has some scheme validation errors, i get the
an different exit-code - e.g. 2

maybe we should clean this up a little bit - at least seperate real xml
parse errors from *configuration may not be valid* alerts.

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