[Pacemaker] xml comments and validating against relaxng schema

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at ipax.at
Tue Nov 11 06:11:43 EST 2008


i am trying to validate a simple cib.xml (attached) with the new tools.

first, i try to use xmllint:
>$ xmllint --noout  --relaxng /usr/share/pacemaker/pacemaker-1.0.rng cib.minimal.xml; echo $?
> cib.minimal.xml validates
> 0

so this works.

using crm_verify does not work:
> $ crm_verify -V -x cib.minimal.xml
> crm_verify[7963]: 2008/11/11_12:04:52 notice: main: Required feature set: 2.0
> crm_verify[7963]: 2008/11/11_12:04:52 WARN: main: Your configuration was internally updated to the latest version (pacemaker-1.0)
> crm_verify[7963]: 2008/11/11_12:04:52 ERROR: common_unpack: Must specify id tag in <resource>
> crm_verify[7963]: 2008/11/11_12:04:52 ERROR: unpack_resources: Failed unpacking comment (null)
> Errors found during check: config not valid

it seems to relate to the comment, because if i remove the comment, i

> $ crm_verify -V -x cib.minimal.xml 
> crm_verify[10801]: 2008/11/11_12:07:13 notice: main: Required feature set: 2.0
> crm_verify[10801]: 2008/11/11_12:07:13 WARN: main: Your configuration was internally updated to the latest version (pacemaker-1.0)
> Warnings found during check: config may not be valid

so i guess, this should work.

question 1: what is the correct way to use comments inside the cib.xml file?

question 2: why is my configuration "internally upgraded"?

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