[Pacemaker] crm_resource enhancement requests

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Thu May 15 09:03:20 EDT 2008

>>> Besides, checking for a node with a positive score
>>> requires a full PE run, I'm not sure that's desirable.
>> I have no experience with large setups, so I have no idea about how 
>> long this takes with many nodes and many resources. But I guess I get 
>> your point. If out of my comment you think I don't - please don't 
>> hesitate to explain further :)
> plus it would need to understand how to make such a change before it 
> could run the simulation
>>>> -M -H $nodename should check whether $nodename has a score of 
>>>> -INFINITY or a failcount of INFINITY (which wouldnt allow $resource 
>>>> to run there even with the added constraint of score INFINITY) and 
>>>> refuse entering the migration constraint if any of that is true.
>>> Same here.
>> Even if only the specified node is to be checked?
> yes - because there are plenty of reasons why a node would have a score 

Right. Thanks for your thoughts and explanations.

I guess I'll just stick to using showscores.sh output and tell my 
resource admins how to force a migration if my rather simple script 
mechanism thinks it's not possible.


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