[Pacemaker] Interesting Behavior of py-gui on RHEL4.6 vs. RHEL 5.1

Andrew Beekhof beekhof at gmail.com
Wed May 14 02:55:50 EDT 2008

On May 14, 2008, at 12:33 AM, Pinto, Phil (GTS) wrote:

> Hi –
> I recently downloaded the latest versions of Heartbeat and rebuilt  
> the RPMs for both RHEL4.6 and RHEL5.1 on zLinux (s390x) both  
> environments which re-generated the following RPMS for RHEL on s390x
> heartbeat-2.1.3-21.1.s390x.rpm
> heartbeat-common-2.1.3-21.1.s390x.rpm
> heartbeat-resources-2.1.3-21.1.s390x.rpm
> pacemaker-0.6.3-1.1.s390x.rpm
> pacemaker-pygui-1.3-8.1.s390x.rpm
> The hb_gui works fine from the RHEL 5.1 systems (pointing at both at  
> clusters on either RHEL4.6 or RHEL5.1)
> If I run the hb_gui from RHEL 4.6 pointing at a cluster running on  
> either RHEL 4.6 or RHEL 5.1 system - I get the following errors see  
> below - when attempting to view property tabbed pages on the right  
> hand side of the gui for defined or active resources within a  
> resource group and the property tabs (Attributes, Parameters, and  
> Operations) are missing -  the right panel just appears completely  
> gray or blank - pointing at Nodes or resource groups does not  
> generate any errors and the property tabbed pages appear normally  
> for resource groups containing both the Attributes and Parameters  
> tabs.   This does not happen in reverse going from hb_gui on the  
> RHEL5.1 pointing to clusters on RHEL4.6 or RHEL 5.1 –
> I can have the user’s only use the RHEL5.1 version of the GUI but we  
> have not started rolling out our RHEL5.1 systems yet.  Most of the  
> Clusters on RHEL4 are running still running HB212 version

I _think_ the gui has trouble talking to clusters of a different  
It certainly used to be the case, but perhaps things have improved.

> – which I am really interested in getting off of for various reasons  
> – namely how much smoother things are at HB2.1.3 level with the  
> updated CRM.
> hb_gui:3313): libglade-WARNING **: unknown property  
> `hover_selection' for class `GtkTreeView'
> (hb_gui:3313): libglade-WARNING **: unknown property `hover_expand'  
> for class `GtkTreeView'
> (hb_gui:3313): libglade-WARNING **: unknown property `ellipsize' for  
> class `GtkLabel'
> (hb_gui:3313): libglade-WARNING **: unknown property `width_chars'  
> for class `GtkLabel'


I think the items above are non-fatal and that the only real problem  
is below.

> Traceback (most recent call last):
>   File "/usr/bin/hb_gui", line 567, in on_cursor_changed
>     window.select_view(type, name, status)

maybe this function is new or changed in glade 2.6 (compared to 2.4)
perhaps try and find the equivalent 2.4 function?

>   File "/usr/bin/hb_gui", line 1857, in select_view
>     self.cur_view = RscView(name)
>   File "/usr/bin/hb_gui", line 1282, in __init__
>     cmnobj.dynamic_fill_op)
>   File "/usr/bin/hb_gui", line 494, in __init__
>     option_list, call_back, visible, is_enum)
>   File "/usr/bin/hb_gui", line 119, in add_column
>     cell.set_property('has-entry', False)
> TypeError: the object does not support the given parameter
> The libglade packages installed on the RHEL4.6 system are as follows:
> libglade2-2.4.0-5
> libglade2-2.4.0-5
> pygtk2-libglade-2.4.0-2.el4
> The libglade packages installed on the RHEL5.1 system are as follows:
> libglade2-2.6.0-2
> libglade2-2.6.0-2
> pygtk2-libglade-2.10.1-8.el5
> Thanks in advance for the help --
> Thanks…
> Phil Pinto
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