[Pacemaker] RFC: How do you upgrade?

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Tue May 13 02:43:48 EDT 2008

> Cluster wide.
> Backup cib.xml
> Stop all monitor operations
> Set all resources unmanaged
> Stop heartbeat on all nodes
> Upgrade heartbeat / install pacemaker on all nodes
> Start heartbeat on all nodes
> See what the cluster would do when re-activating it
> <beekhof> before you turn back on is-managed...
> <beekhof> cibadmin -Ql > tmp.xml
> <beekhof> vi tmp.xml (change is-managed)
> <beekhof> ptest -VVVVV -X tmp.xml -D tmp.dot
> <beekhof> look in tmp.dot and see what we'd do
> If that's to my linking:
> Set all resources managed
> Start all monitor operations

It worked. Thanks!
That's the point to set both of disabled="true" and is_managed="false".


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