FW: [Pacemaker] RFC: How do you upgrade?

Pinto, Phil (GTS) phil_pinto at ml.com
Fri May 9 11:52:05 EDT 2008


Got it -  You are the best - Thank you - that did the trick - 

Phil Pinto 

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ah, i messed up the previous change - it only applied when building on mandriva

try again in 10-15 minutes

On Thu, May 8, 2008 at 2:47 PM, Pinto, Phil (GTS) <phil_pinto at ml.com> wrote:
> Andrew,
> Sorry - I had to leave the office early - like 10:30 EDT yesterday to get my Visa for a trip to China.  I EMAILed the attachment to you and the mailing list - It shows up on my copy of the mailing list's EMAIL - I also looked back and do see other attachments from other people - is there something on your EMAIL account that filters out tar.gz files?
> Anyway here is an extracted copy of the build log inside this EMAIL - is there a better way to get you the whole thing?

try zipping it up next time perhaps

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