[Pacemaker] RFC: How do you upgrade?

Dominik Klein dk at in-telegence.net
Wed May 7 08:35:21 EDT 2008

Lars Marowsky-Bree wrote:
> On 2008-05-07T09:02:17, Dominik Klein <dk at in-telegence.net> wrote:
>>> I'd like to get a sense of how people upgrade their clusters...
>>> * rolling upgrade (node-by-node)
>>> * big-bang (all nodes at once with all resources stopped)
>>> * detach and reattach (all nodes at once with resources still running)
>>> * other?
>>> I'm interested to know how popular the various methods are.
>>> Andrew
>> I prefer no. 3 (detach and reattach).
>> Works quite nicely.
> Do you do that node-by-node or cluster-wide?

Cluster wide.

Backup cib.xml
Stop all monitor operations
Set all resources unmanaged
Stop heartbeat on all nodes
Upgrade heartbeat / install pacemaker on all nodes
Start heartbeat on all nodes

See what the cluster would do when re-activating it
<beekhof> before you turn back on is-managed...
<beekhof> cibadmin -Ql > tmp.xml
<beekhof> vi tmp.xml (change is-managed)
<beekhof> ptest -VVVVV -X tmp.xml -D tmp.dot
<beekhof> look in tmp.dot and see what we'd do

If that's to my linking:

Set all resources managed
Start all monitor operations

Otherwise: not happened yet, but at this point, I guess I could revert 
to the older version with no harm.


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