FW: [Pacemaker] RFC: How do you upgrade?

Pinto, Phil (GTS) phil_pinto at ml.com
Tue May 6 14:15:27 EDT 2008


We would normally do a rolling implementation of a new release of heartbeat / pacemaker where possible.  We run with two node clusters in a virtualized environment.    

1. Shutdown Backup node 
2. Update Heartbeat and Pacemaker packages on the backup node
3. Restart the backup node 
4. Put the primary node in standby - to relocated the resources to the updated backup node 
5. Shutdown the Primary Node  
6. Install the updated Heartbeat / Pacemaker packages on the primary node 
7. Restart the primary node 
8. Take the primary node out of standby - it is now the backup node for the cluster 

This approach only requires a single application outage to the end users 

Phil Pinto 

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Me again,

I'd like to get a sense of how people upgrade their clusters...

* rolling upgrade (node-by-node)
* big-bang (all nodes at once with all resources stopped)
* detach and reattach (all nodes at once with resources still running)
* other?

I'm interested to know how popular the various methods are.


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