[Pacemaker] Does pingd works on openais?

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>On 2008-03-06T11:43:49, Atanas Dyulgerov <atanas.dyulgerov at postpath.com> >wrote:
>> Great. I'm planning to use OpenAIS instead of Heartbeat so I have to
>> wait for pingd.
>That is laudable, but I hope by "use" you mean "test" and not production
>use; I'd not expect to have the openAIS-based stack fully functional
>and supportable in under 6 months.

Isn't Red Hat Cluster Suite using CMAN on top of openais? Correct me is I'm wrong. They claim it is suitable for production use.

>> Please, consider the following features in the roadmap:
>> - Locking techniques supported in openais
>Hm? openAIS already supports locking.

Yes, I know openais supports locking. That's why Pacemaker must support those locking features to lock its resources. Currently Pacemaker cannot lock resources (iscsi, network block devices, filesystems like GFS, OCFS2 and etc.), right?

>> - openais DR capabilities (quorum server, a ping daemon to influence the >quorum or some other fancy method)
>Sure. DR-style deployments are on our roadmap.

Looking forward to seeing them.

>quorumd is currently not functional on Heartbeat either, so that's not
>really a differentiator so far ;-)

I wasn't able to make it work in heartbeat 2.1.3 :(

Btw, what would you say about Red Hat cluster suite? It seems to me like a very completed solution - supports resource locking (GNBD, GFS), cluster filesystem (GFS), quorum disk - things missing in Heartbeat...
GFS is very stable, has superior performance along with GNBD.

What will be the answer of Heartbeat/Pacemaker/OpenAIS? What would say about iSCSI+OCFS2+OpenAIS+Pacemaker solution although 
	- iscsi software targets does not support locking ("persistent reservation" was the word I think)
	- OCFS2 is not completely stable and it is driven by its own cluster 

Sorry for being too much interested in your projects :)


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