[Pacemaker] build pacemaker package (./ConfigureMe package)

Junko IKEDA ikedaj at intellilink.co.jp
Sun Jan 20 23:08:08 EST 2008

> ah, that target isn't (yet) supported for pacemaker
> probably because there is no .spec file included with the project
> (i'll grab the one we use for the build service packages and add it
> shortly).

but I am facing another error this time...

I downloaded the latest pacemaker dev(changeset: 6be96ba752a0),
and try to make rpm.

# ./ConfigureMe package --with-heartbeat-support --without-ais-support

Configuration seems to be in good order.
pacemaker configuration:
  Version                  = 0.6.0
  Prefix                   = /usr
  Executables              = /usr/sbin
  Man pages                = /usr/share/man
  Libraries                = /usr/lib
  Header files             = /usr/include
  Arch-independent files   = /usr/share
  State information        = /var
  System configuration     = /etc
  Init (rc) scripts        = /etc/init.d
  Use system LTDL          = yes
  HA group name            = haclient
  HA user name             = hacluster
  Build snmp subagent      = no
  SNMP libraries           = -L/usr/lib64 -L/usr/lib64 -lnetsnmp -lcrypto
-lm -L/usr/lib64/lib -lwrap
  ucd_snmp_devel name      = ucd-snmp-devel
  With Heartbeat support   = 1
  With AIS support         = 0

Despite --without-ais-support, openais-devel is needed during make sequence.

Running gmake rpm
rm -f pacemaker.tar.gz
hg archive -t tgz pacemaker.tar.gz
echo Rebuilt pacemaker.tar.gz on `date`
Rebuilt pacemaker.tar.gz on Mon Jan 21 11:51:19 JST 2008
/usr/bin/rpmbuild -ta pacemaker.tar.gz </dev/null;
error: Failed build dependencies:
        openais-devel is needed by pacemaker-0.6.0-1.x86_64
gmake: *** [rpm] Error 1

pacemaker.spec in pacemaker.tar.gz which created by " hg archive" includes a
configuration, "With AIS support = 1".

Best Regards,
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