[Pacemaker] crm_verify issues warning (probably unjustified)

Andreas Mock Andreas.Mock at web.de
Fri Jan 18 04:56:09 EST 2008

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> Betreff: Re: [Pacemaker] crm_verify issues warning (probably unjustified)
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> > In my opinion the warning is unjustified and unnecessary.
> > The warning: "Warnings found during check: config may not be valid"
> > is missleading IMHO.
> well it is a high availability cluster :-)
> having resources not be active isn't totally "normal" for a high  
> availability cluster but, as you said, its possible that it is what  
> the admin wants (which is why its a warning with 'may' instead of an  
> error with 'is').
> but if people feel strongly about it, i can drop the severity to  
> 'notice' (at least when target_role is set)

That's exactly what I meant. If something is intended by an user
which can be seen at "target_role=stopped" it is a state which is

When Target_role=stopped and the resource is running that you
have to issue a warning.  :-))

I didn't want to be too picky. So, only a hint and waste of 
email bandwidth.

It happened to me as I started to use crm_verify -L -VVV very often.
And I get a warning (greping the output) where I don't see
a condition to be warned about when I stopped the resources.
But probably a matter of taste as so often. :-)

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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