[Pacemaker] External stonith-device 'ibmrsa-telnet'

Andreas Mock Andreas.Mock at web.de
Thu Jan 17 17:10:11 EST 2008

Hi all, hi Andrew,

in the last days I had a thread on the ha-linux mailinglist with Dejan
wher I had to appologize for the fact that the HA package 2.1.3 took
my version 1 script of the external stonith device 'ibmrsa-telnet'.
This version is buggy. You announced packaging also took the first
and therefore buggy version of the external stonith device 'ibmrsa-telnet'.

Dejan said he checked in the corrected version. Probably too late to find
the way in your build environment. 
http://lists.linux-ha.org/pipermail/linux-ha/2008-January/029878.html  and

Attached to the first mailing you find the corrected and working version
of the stonith plugin.

Best regards
Andreas Mock

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