[Pacemaker] How does ptest work?

Michael Schwartzkopff misch at multinet.de
Wed Jan 2 15:13:35 EST 2008


I just started to play around with ptest. Really nice, esp. the graphs.
But one thing I do not understand ...
1) I copy the active CIB to a file: cibadmin -Q > tmp.xml
2) I do changes in that file: vi  tmp.xml
In particular I change the IP address of a IPaddr2 resource.
3) I run ptest and it tells me (correctly) that it would shut down the
resource and start ist again.

How does ptest know what I changed in my CIB? I checked that it does NOT
compare it to the running CIB, and the IP address is not noted in the
status section of the CIB. So how does ptest the job?

Thanks for any enlighting answer.

Michael Schwartzkopff.

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