Pacemaker 1.0.2rc debian bulds (was: Re: [Pacemaker] Happy Holidays)

Raoul Bhatia [IPAX] r.bhatia at
Wed Dec 24 09:08:44 EST 2008

Andrew Beekhof wrote:
> You're probably better off just rolling your own.

that's what i already did. i had to patch some files inside the
debian directory thou. i *think* it is only related to openais and
therefore not relevant to a heartbeat backed setup.

nevertheless, please use with care!

another thing i noticed. both heartbeat 2.99.2 and pacemaker do not
specify autoconf/automake as well as mercurial as their build
requirements. i guess that this is the case because i am building
a snapshot coming directly from the source repository, right?

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