[Pacemaker] Happy Holidays

Andrew Beekhof abeekhof at suse.de
Tue Dec 16 09:00:43 EST 2008

Hello all,

Its that time of year again and I wanted to let people know that I'll  
be on vacation until Jan 7th and don't intend to be checking email  
until then.  So if your questions aren't getting any response, you'll  
know why :-)

I didn't get time to do a full 1.0 release before christmas (I added a  
number of interesting automated tests which aren't quite done yet), so  
I'm in the process of updating the packages in UNSTABLE for those that  
can't wait:

I'll finish the testing for 1.0.2 when I return in January.

Happy clustering,

Current changelog for the packages in UNSTABLE:

   * Statistics:
       Changesets:      204
       Diff:            533 files changed, 15326 insertions(+), 17166  

   * Changes since Pacemaker-1.0.1
   + High: ais: Bug BNC#456243 - Ensure the membership cache always  
contains an entry for the local node
   + High: ais: Repair and streamline service load now that whitetank  
startup functions correctly
   + High: cib: Ensure CIB update diff's contain the correct values of  
   + High: crmd: Bug LF:1962 - Don't NACK peers because they're not  
(yet) in our membership.  Just ignore them.
   + High: crmd: Bug LF:2010 - Ensure fencing cib updates create the  
node_state entry if needed to preent re-fencing during cluster startup
   + High: crmd: Prevent node re-probe loops by ensuring manditory  
actions always complete
   + High: PE: Bug 2005 - Fix startup ordering of cloned stonith groups
   + High: PE: Bug 2006 - Correctly reprobe cloned groups
   + High: PE: Bug LF:1996 - Correctly process disabled monitor  
   + High: PE: Correctly calculate the number of available nodes for  
the clone to use
   + High: PE: Prevent on-fail settings being ignored after a resource  
is successfully stopped
   + High: stonithd: wrong checks for shmid (0 is a valid id)
   + High: Tools: Bug 2003 - pingd doesn't correctly detect failures  
when the interface is down
   + High: Tools: Bug 2003 - pingd doesn't correctly handle node-down  
events on multi-NIC systems
   + High: Tools: Bug LF:2001 - Transient node attributes should be  
set via attrd
   + High: Tools: crm_master shouldn't define a set id now that attrd  
is used.  Defining one can break lookups
   + Medium (LF 2009): stonithd: improve timeouts for remote fencing
   + Medium: crmd: Don't fast-track the processing of LRM refreshes  
when there are pending actions.
   + Medium: crmd: do_dc_join_filter_offer - Check the 'join' message  
is for the current instance before deciding to NACK peers
   + Medium: crmd: Find option values without having to do a config  
   + Medium: crmd: Implement shutdown using a transient node attribute
   + Medium: crmd: Update the crmd options to use dashes instead of  
   + Medium: cts: Add 'cluster reattach' to the suite of automated  
regression tests
   + Medium: cts: Implement an automated SplitBrain test
   + Medium: Extra: Resources - Use HA_VARRUN instead of HA_RSCTMP for  
state files as Heartbeat removes HA_RSCTMP at startup
   + Medium: HB: Bug 1933 - Fake crmd_client_status_callback() calls  
because HB doesn't provide them for already running processes
   + Medium: PE: Defer logging the actions performed on a resource  
until we've processed ordering constraints
   + Medium: PE: Remove the symmetrical attribute of colocation  
   + Medium: Tools: Allow attrd clients to specify the ID the  
attribute should be created with
   + Medium: Tools: attrd - Allow attribute updates to be performed  
from a hosts' peer
   + Medium: Tools: Bug LF:1994 - Clean up crm_verify return codes
   + Medium: Tools: Change the pingd defaults to ping hosts once every  
second (instead of 5 times every 10 seconds)
   + Medium: Tools: crm_shadow - Replace the --locate option with the  
saner --edit
   + Medium: Tools: Make pingd resilient to attrd failures

   * CRM Shell Changes
   + High (bnc#450815): Tools: crm cli: don't generate id for the  
operations tag
   + High: Tools: crm cli: allow rename only if the resource is stopped
   + High: Tools: crm cli: catch system errors on file operations
   + High: Tools: crm cli: completion for ids in configure
   + High: Tools: crm cli: drop '-rsc' from attributes for order  
   + High: Tools: crm cli: exit with an appropriate exit code
   + High: Tools: crm cli: fix wrong order of action and resource in  
order constraint
   + High: Tools: crm cli: fox wrong exit code
   + High: Tools: crm cli: improve handling of cib attributes
   + High: Tools: crm cli: new command: configure rename
   + High: Tools: crm cli: new command: configure upgrade
   + High: Tools: crm cli: new command: node delete
   + High: Tools: crm cli: prevent key errors on missing cib attributes
   + High: Tools: crm cli: print long help for help topics
   + High: Tools: crm cli: return on syntax error when parsing score
   + High: Tools: crm cli: rsc_location can be without nvpairs
   + High: Tools: crm cli: short node preference location constraint
   + High: Tools: crm cli: sometimes, on errors, level would change on  
single shot use
   + High: Tools: crm cli: syntax: drop a bunch of commas (remains of  
help tables conversion)
   + High: Tools: crm cli: verify user input for sanity
   + Medium (bnc#445622): Tools: crm cli: improve the node show  
command and drop node status
   + Medium: Tools: crm cli: add back symmetrical for order constraints
   + Medium: Tools: crm cli: generate role in location when converting  
from xml
   + Medium: Tools: crm cli: keep order of help topics
   + Medium: Tools: crm cli: refine completion for ids in configure
   + Medium: Tools: crm cli: replace inf with INFINITY
   + Medium: Tools: crm cli: streamline cib load and parsing
   + Medium: Tools: crm cli: supply provider only for ocf class  

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