[Pacemaker] Failed actions: da01fs_start_0 ... unknown error

Superkikim superkikim at sissaoui.com
Sat Dec 13 19:13:35 EST 2008

Hi again,


I don't know if this is related to my "order" issue sent earlier. 


If I start my "ms-drbd6" resource, it works great. No surprise.


However, when I try to start my filesystem resource (da01fs-group) nothing
happens and I get the following error messages out of crm status:


Failed actions:

    da01fs_start_0 (node=ns365871.ovh.net, call=5, rc=1, status=0): unknown

    da01fs_start_0 (node=ns365869.ovh.net, call=4, rc=1, status=0): unknown

root at ns365869:/home/akim#


How can I troubleshoot this ? 


You will find attached my configuration file. I zipped it because of
Microsoft Outlook security features :-(






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