[Pacemaker] Time-based location constraint not working in HB 2.1.4?

Andreas Kurz andreas.kurz at linbit.com
Thu Dec 11 04:23:23 EST 2008

Hello list!

I tried to get time-based location constraints working with Heartbeat

I tested with a dummy resource (including a monitor operation) and the
rules are obeyed once when updating the cib with the new config or doing
a ptest but when waiting for the resource being moved to another node
because of the time-based location constraint is not working.

   <rsc_location id="loc_dummy_timebased" rsc="resource_dummy">
     <rule id="prefered_loc_dummy_11-12" boolean_op="and" score="300">
       <date_expression id="date_expr_11-12" operation="date_spec">
         <date_spec hours="11-12" id="date_spec_11-12"/>
       <expression attribute="#uname" id="node1_id" operation="eq"
     <rule id="prefered_loc_dummy_13-10" boolean_op="and" score="300">
       <rule id="prefered_loc_ummy_13-10" boolean_op="or">
         <date_expression id="date_expr_13-23" operation="date_spec">
           <date_spec hours="13-23" id="date_spec_13-23"/>
         <date_expression id="date_expr_0-10" operation="date_spec">
           <date_spec hours="0-10" id="date_spec_0-10"/>
       <expression attribute="#uname" id="node2_id" operation="eq"

... default-resource-stickiness=200

Any ideas? Config problem, feature, bug?

thx & Regards,

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