[Pacemaker] Two master colocation question

Robert reg at elconas.de
Mon Aug 25 09:48:25 EDT 2008

 >I thought drbd didn't require this?

Well DRBD doesn't but if you want to access your mysql logs and 
datafiles you need both drbds. Neil probably wants to split logs and 
data for performance reasons - which really makes sence for non hardware 
raid assisted setups.

 >I'm trying to make mysql on drbd work.  The complication
 >is I have two drdb mount points (to represent the two different
 >underlying disks: one for database data; one for the logs).

But Neil watch out to let your drbd devices run in synchronous mode only 
- if you use anything else than drbd protocol C you could run into 
trouble with databace consistency. Write order consistency is only 
guaranteed within a single drbd device in the mirroring state (correct 
me if I'm wrong @ drbd Linbit guys) - so with anything else than 
Protocol C you may rist ACID iif you run more than 1 drbd device for a 
SINGLE database.


Andrew Beekhof schrieb:

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