[Pacemaker] ANNOUNCE: Pacemaker 0.6.6 now available (bug-fix only release)

Andrew Beekhof abeekhof at suse.de
Mon Aug 25 03:25:01 EDT 2008

Time for another Pacemaker bugfix-only release...

Packages for Pacemaker and it's immediate dependancies can be  
downloaded from the usual location:

The source can be obtained from:

For a breakdown of the available packages and what parts are optional,  
please refer to

The main focus of this release was the inclusion of STONITHd (at the  
request of its maintainer) from Heartbeat.

The inclusion of STONITH required that we update the Heartbeat  
packages and so they have been refreshed with 2.99.0.
There are some distributions that currently cannot build due to an  
insufficiently recent version of glib (the lrmd makes use of  
g_hash_table_find which is a recnt addition to the glib API).  Dejan  
has promised to look into a workaround.

Also updated was OpenAIS.
In the past, we used the development branch as it contained the  
various patches needed to support Pacemaker.
Unfortunately, in our opinion, it is not yet ready for prime-time.

The good news however is that we've backported the required patches to  
'Whitetank', their stable series.
The result has been extremely encouraging and I would have no  
hesitation recommending it's use (I have spent much of the last 2  
months running OpenAIS-based clusters with 8 nodes and approximately  
60 resources).

Begin lazy paste from the changelog...

   * Update source tarball to revision: 05083e0dae44

   * Statistics:
       Changesets:      56
       Diff:            91 files changed, 8821 insertions(+), 643  

   * Changes since Pacemaker-0.6.5
   + High: Add stonith subsystem from Heartbeat
   + High: ais: Change the tag for the ais plugin from 'lha_crm' to  
   + High: ais: Move the service id definition to a common location  
and make sure it is always used
   + High: Build: Remove testing code that prevented heartbeat-only  
   + High: PE: Bug LF:1932 - Probes that find resources misconfigured  
or not installed should not mark them as running
   + High: PE: Bug LF:1941 - Handle failed clone instance probes when  
clone-max < #nodes
   + High: PE: Correctly handle unmanaged resources to prevent them  
from being started elsewhere
   + High: PE: Enforce mandatory colocation for clones
   + High: PE: Make OCF_ERR_ARGS a node-level error rather than a  
cluster-level one
   + High: PE: Make sure orphaned clone children are created correctly
   + High: PE: Properly handle clones that are not installed on all  
   + High: stonithd (LF 1951): fix remote stonith operations
   + Medium: ais: Use the agreed service number
   + Medium: Build: Fix building when heartbeat support is disabled
   + Medium: Build: Fix building with builtin ltdl libs
   + Medium: crmd: Ensure joins are completed promptly when a node  
taking part dies
   + Medium: PE: Allow groups to be involved in optional ordering  
   + Medium: PE: Backport a20017bed8cf - Apply stickiness after  
location constraints are applied so that they work in asymetrical  
   + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1926 - Recurring actions should be started for  
active (but unmanaged) resources
   + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1941 - Mark extra clone instances as orphans  
and don't show inactive ones
   + Medium: PE: Bug N:417585 - Don't restart group children who's  
individual score drops below zero
   + Medium: PE: Prefer the current location if it is one of a group  
of nodes with the same (highest) score
   + Medium: PE: Prevent use-of-NULL if anyone ever passes NULL to  
   + Medium: PE: Print allocation scores after target role has been  
taken into account
   + Medium: stonith: Fix compilation without full heartbeat install
   + Medium: stonithd: exit with better code on empty host list

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