[Pacemaker] SNMP reports more resources than what is configured in cib.xml

Jesse W. Hathaway jesse at mbuki-mvuki.org
Wed Aug 20 17:06:32 EDT 2008


  1. Query snmp: 4 resources are listed

  2. Simulate a failure by killing Synapse process

  3. Query snmp: 5 resources are now listed, new resource
     is an ESB_SYNAPSE resource in the stopped state

Any idea why 5 resources would be listed??

crm_mon output:

  Resource Group: ESB_HA
      ESB_IP      (ocf::heartbeat:IPaddr):        Started hatest01
      ESB_APACHE  (lsb:apache2-ha):       Started hatest01
      ESB_SYNAPSE (lsb:wso2-esb-ha):      Started hatest01

  Failed actions:
      ESB_SYNAPSE_monitor_10000 (node=hatest03, call=13, rc=7): complete

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