[Pacemaker] Using pacemaker for service startup / single node cluster ?

Robert Heinzmann (ml) reg at elconas.de
Thu Aug 14 18:45:14 EDT 2008


actually this seems like a dumb question but I will ask it anyhow. 
Theres a separation between Heartbeat and Pacemaker on the code level 
now. Heartbeat does "multinode things" and Pacemaker does "service 
things". So from my understanding it would be great to use Pacemaker as 
init replacement or for the controlled start and monitoring of services 
on a single server system.

- single code base for init script in clustered and non clustered 
- same user interface for clustered and non clustered systems
--> more cluster agents and wider test base

Now to the question: Is is possible with the current Pacemaker design to 
use Pacemaker as Init replacement or "clever" service control deaemon ? 
Is is on the Roadmap or fully out of the scope of the project ?

Is it possible to enable Pacemaker to fully Manually control it - aka no 
automatic actions, every transition confirmed by the administrator ?


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