[Pacemaker] Two master colocation question

Neil Katin linuxha at askneil.com
Thu Aug 14 18:26:36 EDT 2008

Hi there.  I'm having trouble configuring pacemaker to work
the way I want it it.  I'm hoping someone on the list has
a better idea of how to make this work...

----- the problem:

I'm trying to make mysql on drbd work.  The complication
is I have two drdb mount points (to represent the two different
underlying disks: one for database data; one for the logs).

I'm having trouble convincing pacemaker that the two drbd masters
should both be master on the same host.

I've tried a colocation rule like:
     <rsc_colocation id="drbd1-ms1-with-ms0"
         to="drbd1-ms0" to_role="master"
         from="drbd1-ms1" from_role="master"

I tried added "symmetrical=true" to the rule.  But I still
get different nodes being master for my two drbd rules.

Thanks in advance for any insight folks might have on this.

     Neil Katin

----- s/w versions:

pacemaker from download.opensuse.org/repositories/server:/ha-clusterin/Centos_5
pacemaker version 0.6.5-2.2
heartbeat version 2.1.3-23.1
centos 5.2

----- full cib:

(only the entries that have IDs starting with drdb1
matter for this question...)

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