[Pacemaker] ANNOUNCE: Pacemaker 0.6.3 now available (bug-fix only release)

Andrew Beekhof beekhof at gmail.com
Wed Apr 23 06:22:01 EDT 2008

A little later than normal but its time for a Pacemaker bugfix-only  

Packages for Pacemaker and it's immediate dependancies can be  
downloaded from the usual location:

and the source can be obtained from:

For a breakdown of the available packages and what parts are optional,  
please refer to

One item of particular note, SNMP will no longer be part of the  
Pacemaker project and will instead be included with the GUI as part of  
a project focussed on high-level management tools.
New GUI/management packages (containing SNMP) will be published in the  
next day or so.

The decision to move SNMP was made in the context of further project  
and packaging changes to Heartbeat.
The idea is to split the remaining Heartbeat code into two parts (much  
like as I have been doing on software.opensuse.org)
* heartbeat-core : Code that is generically useful (eg. ipc, stonith,  
logging, resource agents)
* heartbeat      : Code that is specific to clusters based on the  
heartbeat stack (eg. membership, cluster messaging)

I'll continue to use the existing package structure on  
software.opensuse.org until the Heartbeat project finalizes the new  
project names and packages.
I will of course make sure that the relevant rpm directives are in  
place to allow upgrading from the "old name" packages to the new ones.

I should also mention Dominic Klein and the guys from NTT who have  
been doing lots of great master/slave and failcount testing (fixes for  
the issues they uncovered make up the majority of the changes in 0.6.3).

The next 0.6 release (if needed) will be mid-May.


Begin lazy paste from the changelog...

   * Update source tarball to revision: fd8904c9bc67 tip
   * Statistics:
       Changesets:      117
       Diff:            354 files changed, 19094 insertions(+), 11338  

   * Changes since Pacemaker-0.6.2
   + High: Admin: Bug LF:1848 - crm_resource - Pass set name and id to  
delete_resource_attr() in the correct order
   + High: Build: SNMP has been moved to the management/pygui project
   + High: crmd: Bug LF1837 - Unmanaged resources prevent crmd from  
shutting down
   + High: crmd: Prevent use-after-free in lrm interface code (Patch  
based on work by Keisuke MORI)
   + High: PE: Allow the cluster to make progress by not retrying  
failed demote actions
   + High: PE: Anti-colocation with slave shouldn't prevent master  
   + High: PE: Bug LF 1768 - Wait more often for STONITH ops to  
complete before starting resources
   + High: PE: Bug LF1836 - Allow is-managed-default=false to be  
overridden by individual resources
   + High: PE: Bug LF185 - Prevent pointless master/slave instance  
shuffling by ignoring the master-pref of stopped instances
   + High: PE: Bug N-191176 - Implement interleaved ordering for clone- 
to-clone scenarios
   + High: PE: Bug N-347004 - Ensure clone notifications are always  
sent when an instance is stopped/started
   + High: PE: Bug N-347004 - Include notification ordering is correct  
for interleaved clones
   + High: PE: Bug PM-11 - Directly link probe_complete to starting  
clone instances
   + High: PE: Bug PM1 - Fix setting failcounts when applied to  
complex resources
   + High: PE: Bug PM12, LF1648 - Extensive revision of group ordering
   + High: PE: Bug PM7 - Ensure masters are always demoted before they  
are stopped
   + High: PE: Create probes after allocation to allow smarter  
handling of anonymous clones
   + High: PE: Don't prioritize clone instances that must be moved
   + High: PE: Group start ordering fixes
   + High: PE: Implement promote/demote ordering for cloned groups
   + High: TE: Repair failcount updates
   + High: TE: Use the correct offset when updating failcount
   + Medium: Admin: Add a summary output that can be easily parsed by  
CTS for audit purposes
   + Medium: Build: Make configure fail if bz2 or libxml2 are not  
   + Medium: Build: Re-instate a better default for LCRSODIR
   + Medium: CIB: Bug LF-1861 - Filter irrelvant error status from  
synchronous CIB clients
   + Medium: Core: Bug 1849 - Invalid conversion of ordinal leap year  
to gregorian date
   + Medium: Core: Drop compataibility code for 2.0.4 and 2.0.5 clusters
   + Medium: crmd: Bug LF-1860 - Automatically cancel recurring ops  
before demote and promote operations (not only stops)
   + Medium: crmd: Save the current CIB contents if we detect the PE  
   + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1866 - Fix version check when applying  
compatability handling for failed start operations
   + Medium: PE: Bug LF:1866 - Restore the ability to have start  
failures not be fatal
   + Medium: PE: Bug PM1 - Failcount applies to all instances of non- 
unique clone
   + Medium: PE: Correctly set the state of partially active master/ 
slave groups
   + Medium: PE: Don't claim to be stopping an already stopped orphan
   + Medium: PE: Ensure implies_left ordering constraints are always  
   + Medium: PE: Indicate each resource's 'promotion' score
   + Medium: PE: Prevent a possible use-of-NULL
   + Medium: PE: Reprocess the current action if it changed (so that  
any prior dependancies are updated)
   + Medium: TE: Bug LF-1859 - Wait for fail-count updates to complete  
before terminating the transition
   + Medium: TE: Bug LF:1859 - Don't abort graphs due to our own  
failcount updates
   + Medium: TE: Bug LF:1859 - Prevent the TE from interupting itself

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