[Pacemaker] Project Update - Fortnight Ending December 28, 2007

Andrew Beekhof abeekhof at suse.de
Sat Dec 29 14:54:54 EST 2007

Although not a lot of active work is being done at the moment, due to  
the time of year, I've been running tests as a "background task" and  
things are looking good for a release in mid-January.

For more information about releases and release criteria, please visit:
* http://www.clusterlabs.org/mw/index.php/Releases , and
* http://www.clusterlabs.org/mw/index.php/Release_Testing

So far testing has been focused on the Heartbeat (2.1.3) stack but  
that should be completed in the few days at which point we'll begin  
testing on OpenAIS.

I was initially concerned with the behavior of one cluster that likes  
to lock-up occasionally - however the problem seems rooted in VMware  
Server (virtual nodes will occasionally completely stop responding)  
rather than anything related to the cluster stack.

If anyone has a cluster they're not using and would like to help out  
with testing - please let me know.

Commit Highlights
	• High: Core: Fix peer-process tracking for the Heartbeat stack
	• High: Core: Heartbeat doesn't send status notifications for nodes  
that were already part of the cluster. Fake them based on CCM  
membership data instead
	• High: PE: Parse fail-count correctly (it may be set to ININFITY)
	• High: TE: Ensure failcount is set correctly (to INFINITY) for  
failed stops/starts
	• High: TE: Update failcount for operations that time out
	• High: crmd: Handle all possible peer states in  
	• High: crmd: Make sure the current date/time is set - prevents use- 
of-NULL when evaluating rules
	• High: crmd: Supply the dispatch and destroy callback functions in  
the correct order
	• High: crmd: Use (node->processes&crm_proc_ais) to accurately update  
the CIB after replace operations
	• Medium: AIS: Add a version field to the 'node-id' message
	• Medium: PE: Prevent a potential use-of-NULL in cron_range_satisfied()
	• Medium: crm_mon: Indicate when a node is both in standby mode and  

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