[Pacemaker] CRM/Pacemaker - Project Update

Andrew Beekhof abeekhof at suse.de
Sat Dec 15 11:46:56 EST 2007

Here is the news from the Pacemaker project for the week ending  
December 14, 2007

- Most importantly, we selected a name: Pacemaker

- Merged the AIS port
- Purged almost all the heartbeat code from the source repository
- Set up mailing lists (http://list.clusterlabs.org) and bugzilla (http://bugs.clusterlabs.org 
- The choice of cluster stack is now selected automatically based on  
who started us
- Many changes to allow supporting either or both cluster stacks
- Ported attrd to run on OpenAIS
- Re-evaluated heartbeat package layout
   - Stop building the built-in CRM
   - Split into essential (used by both stacks) and non-essential  
(only used by the heartbeat stack) components
- New home for Pacemaker source code:
- Temporary home for packages:

    Packages come in 3 flavors depending on which stacks are supported,
    - pacemaker                    supports both stacks
    - pacemaker-ais             supports only OpenAIS
    - pacemaker-heartbeat supports only Heartbeat

    Packages exist for current RedHat and SUSE distros.  Debian and  
Ubuntu will follow next week.

This leaves us in pretty good shape for our first week.
Starting Monday I will begin release testing for our first (feature  
frozen) stable series.
The plan is to have this completed by mid-January (not a lot will get  
done over the Christmas/New Year break) and provide bug-fix-only  
updates until at least 2009.


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