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Владимир Лямин st067898 at student.spbu.ru
Sat Jan 7 15:44:14 EST 2023

Could you write to me if I can continue to work in this direction?

сб, 7 янв. 2023 г. в 23:41, Владимир Лямин <st067898 at student.spbu.ru>:

> Hello, I'm Lyamin Vladimir. First-year master of St. Petersburg State
> University. I decided to optimize the running time of the
> pcmk__unpack_constraints function, since there is a loop over all the data
> here. I decided to use a hash table to optimize this.
> A hash table structure has been added, as well as functions to manage it.
> pe_resource_t* compareKey(const char* key, struct set *array);
> int getHash(const char *S);
> void push(Node **head, pe_resource_t* data);
> void insert(char* key, pe_resource_t* data, struct set *array);
> void init_array(struct set **array);
> void insert_children(pe_resource_t * rsc, struct set *hashTable);
> Existing functions have also been changed: pcmk__unpack_constraints
> (initialization of the hash table) and pcmk__find_constraint_resource
> (search for the desired resource)
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