[ClusterLabs Developers] Need advice on troubleshooting Custom Resource Agent

Taylor tschneider at live.com
Sun May 3 01:15:04 EDT 2020


I have written a custom resource agent. I believe I have implemented the required functionality after looking at the requirements docs and code samples from other RAs.

The issue I am having is that the resource agents are all slaves in my three node cluster. When I try to force the promotion of a node it enters the failed state.

I am not sure how to debug this or what to look for. The corosync logs seem fine to me (no errors or failure mesages).

I am wondering if I configured the resource invcorrectly. Here is an ansbible task responsible for creating the resource:

    cmd: |
      pcs resource create {{ dns_server_resource_name }} ocf:pfra:pfra  \
      service_name=named \
      promote_script={{ dns_zone_promote_script }} \
      demote_script={{ dns_zone_demote_script }} \
      monitor_script={{ dns_zone_monitor_script}} \
      op monitor interval=1s meta role="Master" \
      op monitor interval=10s meta \
      master master-max=1

Any help is appreciated.


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