[ClusterLabs Developers] Pacemaker in Amazon Linux 2

Kumar, Aswini tummak at amazon.com
Thu Aug 27 08:47:59 EDT 2020


I came across below error when I ran through below code.
Environment: On NODE1 (SQL Server 2019 running in Amazon Linux 2- OS, create a resource using aws-vpc-move-ip resource agent." in Pacemaker.
 invalid resource option 'routing_table_role', allowed options are:
awscli, interface, ip, monapi, profile, routing_table, trace_file,
trace_ra, use --force to override

sudo pcs resource create p_aws-vpc-move-ip ocf:heartbeat :aws-vpc-move-ip ip="" routing_table="rtb-c39a4cbd" routing_table_role=" arn:aws:iam::XXXX5337XXXX:role/AGFailover" interface="eth0" op monitor timeout="30" interval="60"

Pls give your thoughts on this, Is there any alternate method to achieve same with any other command?.

Thanks and Regards
Aswini Kumar Tummala
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AWS Professional Services
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