[ClusterLabs Developers] Question about resource level fencing with Pacemaker

Philippe M Stedman pmstedma at us.ibm.com
Mon Aug 24 16:06:47 EDT 2020


I have a question about resource level fencing. I read about it in the
following document::

It has the following excerpt about resource level fencing:
There are two kinds of fencing: resource level and node level.

Using the resource level fencing the cluster can make sure that a node
cannot access one or more resources. One typical example is a SAN, where a
fencing operation changes rules on a SAN switch to deny access from a node.

The resource level fencing may be achieved using normal resources on which
the resource we want to protect would depend. Such a resource would simply
refuse to start on this node and therefore resources which depend on it
will be unrunnable on the same node as well.

based on this description it is still unclear to me how I would go about
implementing resource level fencing in my own cluster. I tried researching
the topic for examples, but could not find much on the subject.

Could you please shed some light on how I could implement resource level
fencing in my own cluster? and how it differentiates from traditional
STONITH device fencing?   If you had an example of resource level fencing,
that would be very helpful.


Phil Stedman
Db2 High Availability Development and Support
Email: pmstedma at us.ibm.com
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