[ClusterLabs Developers] performance problems with ocf resource nfsserver script

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Thu Sep 12 15:30:51 EDT 2019

Hello Eberhard,

On 11/09/19 10:01 +0200, Eberhard Kuemmerle wrote:
> I use pacemaker with a some years old hardware.
> In combination with an rsync backup, I had nfsserver monitoring
> timeouts that resulted in stonith fencing events...
> So I tested the ocf resource nfsserver script and found, that even
> in an idle situation (without rsync or other heavy load), 'nfsserver
> monitor' was running for more than 10 seconds.
> I found two critical actions in the script:
> - systemctl status nfs-server  (which also calls journalctl)
> - systemctl list-unit-files
> So I modified the script and replaced
> systemctl $cmd $svc
> by
> systemctl -n0 $cmd $svc
> in nfs_exec() to suppress the journalctl call
> and
> systemctl list-unit-files
> by
> systemctl list-unit-files 'nfs-*'
> and
> systemctl list-unit-files 'rpc-*'
> That reduced the runtime for 'nfsserver monitor' to less than 0.2
> secons!

That's a great improvement, indeed!

Thanks for being attentative to these details that actually sometimes
matter, as you could attest with your system.

> So I strongly recommend to integrate that modification in your
> repository.
> [...]
> [actual patch]

Assuming your intention is to upstream your changes (and therefore you
are consent to publish your changes under the same conditions/license
as applied to that very file per its embedded notice in the header
~ GPLv2+), and assuming that publishing your changes on this list
is your preferred workflow (development itself occurs at GitHub at
this point), I brought the patch where it will be paid a bigger


Feel free to comment further at either location.

Btw. haven't checked, but per the timestamp alone, I supposed the
doubled messages on this list carry the identical version of the
patch.  Don't stay quiet if either this and/or license-kept
assumption do not apply, please :-)

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