[ClusterLabs Developers] resource-agents v4.4.0 rc1

Oyvind Albrigtsen oalbrigt at redhat.com
Wed Oct 16 10:07:19 UTC 2019

ClusterLabs is happy to announce resource-agents v4.4.0 rc1.
Source code is available at:

The most significant enhancements in this release are:
- bugfixes and enhancements:
  - All RA: Use _default variables for all parameters
  - Build: improvements and fixes to make "make rpm" work on all archs in CI
  - CTDB: add support for v4.9+
  - Delay: protect grep regex argument from shell globbing
  - Filesystem: don't call readlink on path if it doesnt exist
  - Filesystem: fix to avoid killing all root user processeswhen bind mounting a directory on /
  - Filesystem: improve "/" check for bind mounts
  - IPaddr2: fix to work properly with unsanitized IPv6 addresses
  - IPsrcaddr: add destination and table parameters
  - LVM-activate: add partial-activation support
  - LVM-activate: fix monitor might hang due to lvm_validate, which was added by accident
  - LVM-activate: move pvscan --cache to validate
  - Route: dont fence node when parameters arent set
  - apache: check if SUSE binaries are executable
  - apache: fix to also detect mod_status.so when it is a symlink
  - apache: improve PidFile pattern to support multiple instances
  - apache: load status module on SUSE distros
  - aws-vpc-route53: improved API error handling and fix to avoid race-condition during probe
  - aws-vpc-route53: replace ec2metada with curl to fetch the IP address directly from EC2 metadata
  - azure-lb: add support for using socat instead of nc
  - docker: improve the check for the docker daemon being up
  - exportfs: doc clarification for clientspec format
  - gcp-pd-move: add stackdriver_logging parameter
  - iSCSILogicalUnit: only create acls if it doesnt exist
  - mysql/mariadb/galera: use runuser/su to avoid using SELinux DAC_OVERRIDE
  - mysql: add support for SSL replication
  - nfsserver: performance improvements for systemd enabled systems
  - ora-common: fix to fail when sid parameter is invalid
  - podman: generate drop-in dependencies for podman containers
  - podman: only use exec to manage container's lifecycle
  - rabbitmq-cluster: also restore users/perms/policies when starting in single node mode
  - redis: fix master_is_active() erroneously reporting there is master when there is not (fixes issue #1399)
  - redis: use optimal password passing method and warning filtering workaround

The full list of changes for resource-agents is available at:

Everyone is encouraged to download and test the new release candidate.
We do many regression tests and simulations, but we can't cover all
possible use cases, so your feedback is important and appreciated.

Many thanks to all the contributors to this release.

The resource-agents maintainers

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