[ClusterLabs Developers] OCF standards repository

Ken Gaillot kgaillot at redhat.com
Tue Oct 3 16:55:47 EDT 2017

Hi all,

The OCF standard is hosted in a ClusterLabs repository:


We've discussed updating the resource agent standard for a long time,
and now we're getting to the point where people are suggesting changes.
We need to decide how to incorporate proposed and accepted changes into
the repository. 

Here is my suggestion:

* Create a "historical" folder and move "concepts", "event" and
"membership" there.

* Copy the existing "ra" folder to "ra-1.0" and "ra-next". Make "ra" a
symlink to the latest official standard ("ra-1.0") so people can link
to it easily. Proposed changes would be submitted as pull requests
modifying "ra-next".

* When we want to make a release, for example RA 1.1, we could copy
"ra-1.0" to "ra-1.1", copy any accepted changes from "ra-next" into
"ra-1.1", and move "ra-1.0" to "historical".


The benefits I see are that (1) all official releases will always be
visible in the repository, and (2) if we ever have multiple standards,
they can evolve at their own pace.

I considered using separate git branches for development and release,
but that wouldn't have those benefits.

In any case, the pull request process will be how changes are discussed
and approved, so anyone interested should follow the repository.

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