[ClusterLabs Developers] FenceAgentAPI

Jan Pokorný jpokorny at redhat.com
Tue Mar 7 05:09:58 EST 2017

On 06/03/17 17:12 -0500, Digimer wrote:
>   The old FenceAgentAPI document on fedorahosted is gone now that fedora
> hosted is closed. So I created a copy on the clusterlabs wiki:
> http://wiki.clusterlabs.org/wiki/FenceAgentAPI

Note that just few days ago I've announced that the page has moved to
https://docs.pagure.org/ClusterLabs.fence-agents/FenceAgentAPI.md, see
(that hit just the developers list, I don't think it's of interest of
users of the stack as such).  Therefore that's another duplicate, just
as http://wiki.clusterlabs.org/wiki/Fedorahosted.org_FenceAgentAPI
(linked from the original fedorahosted.org page so as to allow for
future flexibility should the content still be visible, which turned
out to not be the case) is.

I will add you (or whoever wants to maintain that file) to linux-cluster
group at pagure.io so you can edit the underlying Markdown file (just let
me off-list know your Fedora Account System username).  The file itself 
is tracked under git repository, access URLs were provided in the
announcement email.

>   It desperately needs an update. Specifically, it needs '-o metadata'
> properly explained. I am happy to update this document and change the
> cman/cluster.conf example over to a pacemaker example, etc, but I do not
> feel like I am authoritative on the XML validation side of things.
>   Can someone give me, even just point-form notes, how to explain this?
> If so, I'll create 'FenceAgentAPI - Working' document and I will have
> anyone interested comment before making it an official update.
> Comments?

Jan (Poki)
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