[ClusterLabs Developers] bundle/rkt: port-mapping numbers/names

Valentin Vidic Valentin.Vidic at CARNet.hr
Wed Jul 19 02:20:26 EDT 2017

Another issue with the rkt containers is the port-mapping.  Each container
defines exposed ports:

	"ports": [
			"name": "http",
			"protocol": "tcp",
			"port": 80,
			"count": 1,
			"socketActivated": false

These are than mapped using the "name" from the definition:

      --port=                   ports to expose on the host (requires contained network). Syntax: --port=NAME:[HOSTIP:]HOSTPORT

The problem now is that the xml defines the port to be a number:

      <attribute name="port"><data type="integer"/></attribute>

Workaround is to use "80" as a port name, but perhaps we could allow
port to be a string or introduce a new attribute:

      <port-mapping id="httpd-port" port-name="http"/>

What do you think?


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