[ClusterLabs Developers] RFC: New stonith agent for pacemaker clusters running on virtual machines which are managed by ganeti

Dominik Klein dominik.klein at googlemail.com
Fri Oct 7 08:50:10 EDT 2016

Hi there

I wrote an agent that should be (_is_ in my environment) able to
implement stonith in a pacemaker cluster running on ganeti-powered
virtual machines. It talks to the ganeti api.

I did not do this with the xvm agent since it would (from what I
understand) require a second control instance on the physical machines
which might interfere with ganeti (expected machine states will likely
be different in a shooting scenario).

Any feedback is appreciated.

Example configuration:

Place the script in /usr/lib/stonith/plugins/external/ganeti and
configure this fencing resource:

primitive fencing stonith:external/ganeti \
params \
ganeti_api_port=5080 \
ganeti_api_transport=https \
ganeti_auth_password=seeeeCret \
ganeti_auth_user=overlord \
ganeti_cluster=ganeti.example.com \
ganeti_curl_ignore_ssl_errors=true \
op monitor interval=120s

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