[ClusterLabs Developers] Are clufter-cli, lib-ccs, lib-general and lib-pcs part of Clufter ?

Anup Halarnkar anuph at us.ibm.com
Thu Jun 30 04:12:06 EDT 2016

Hi all,

I was able to build rpm for clufter package from github for OS: RHEL7.2/
Arch: PPC64LE.

The one's created were:
1 .clufter-0.56.3-1.ppc64le.rpm
2. clufter-0.56.3-1.src.rpm
3. clufter-0.56.3.tar.gz
4. clufter-debuginfo-0.56.3-1.ppc64le.rpm

But, i also came across many other clufter libraries as given below:
|clufter-cli                    |
|clufter-lib-ccs                |
|clufter-lib-general            |
|clufter-lib-pcs                |

Is there any specific command that i need to give to build these rpm's or
are these part of some other package?

Will greatly appreciate any inputs.

Thanks and Regards,
Anup Halarnkar
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