[ClusterLabs Developers] Potential logo for Cluster Labs

Andrew Price anprice at redhat.com
Thu Aug 25 09:01:16 EDT 2016

On 25/08/16 13:21, Andrew Beekhof wrote:
> I don’t mind the font in the first one.

The font is the same in the png and the svg, I guess inkscape applies 
antialiasing or something when it exports to png.

> Some color in whatever gets chosen would be nice though IMHO

Yes, the lack of colour wasn't meant to be a permanent thing. So here's 
a version using colours similar to the website's theme.


>> On 25 Aug 2016, at 8:49 PM, Andrew Price <anprice at redhat.com> wrote:
>> On 24/08/16 18:50, Ken Gaillot wrote:
>>> Suggestions/revisions/alternatives are welcome.
>> Here's a possible alternative theme. It's similarly greyscale and I'm not hugely happy with the font (I don't seem to have many good ones installed) but I'm happy enough with it to throw it on the pile :)
>> Andy

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