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Wed Aug 17 01:34:19 EDT 2016

On 16/08/16 02:09 PM, Ken Gaillot wrote:
> Hello everybody,
> Our Pacemaker developer documentation has been scattered across the
> ClusterLabs website, wiki, and repository. Since we've been seeing more
> activity from new contributors, I've made a first step to consolidating
> that into a new "Pacemaker Development" document, to make it easier for
> new developers to find everything they need to know.
> "Pacemaker Development" is linked in the usual place
> (http://clusterlabs.org/doc/).
> Currently, it just replaces the repository's coding-guidelines.txt and
> some developer FAQs on the website and wiki. Over time, we can
> consolidate anything of interest to developers working on the Pacemaker
> codebase.
> Feel free to recommend or submit pull requests for changes. The source
> is in the pacemaker repository under "doc", along with the existing
> documents such as "Clusters From Scratch".

This is fantastic!

There is a bunch of badly out dated documentation over at the
fedorahosted.org trac wiki. For example, the FenceAgentAPI doesn't cover
meta-data (https://fedorahosted.org/cluster/wiki/FenceAgentAPI).

I wonder how many people start (or might start) their contributions via
custom RA and FAs? Maybe having similar documents, if not directly in
your new document, would be helpful (your call, I don't know if sections
of FA/RAs would deserve their own guide)?

Anyway, I am very stoked about this! :D

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