[ClusterLabs Developers] [Debian-ha-maintainers] SBD Releases

Christoph Berg myon at debian.org
Thu Apr 7 04:11:12 EDT 2016

Re: Andrew Beekhof 2016-04-07 <4808145B-32BA-4084-A369-418228A0E038 at beekhof.net>
> > The reason why Debian is usually asking for release tarballs is that
> > we then have some "this version is ok for general use" statement from
> > the authors, while for git-hash-snapshots, we can never really be sure
> > that we haven't hit a spot that is WIP between two development
> > sprints. Or a case of "there's this open pull request that should
> > definitely be included, it's just not done yet". Or "the last commit
> > in git HEAD does [not] warrant a new package release”.
> All the work happens in private clones, the policy is that by the time it reaches the main repo it needs to be fully baked.

Ok, that's good to know.

> > To get the package started, we can of course use a snapshot tarball as
> > Adrian said, but long-term I'd really prefer real releases. Would that
> > be arrangeable?
> We could possibly tag what’s going into RHEL if that would help.
> I don’t know there is a lot of bandwidth going around to co-ordinate the testing required for full releases.

The main problem is probably that we are maintaining more than one
package, and without releases, there wouldn't be anything to remind us
of pulling updates in the long term. (Just looking at git commits
would probably not help as these happen too often.)

I think tagging the RHEL releases would help, thanks for considering!
Having the same versions in RHEL and Debian might be a good thing as


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