[ClusterLabs Developers] meta-data attributes documentation?

Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais jgdr at dalibo.com
Thu Apr 14 05:56:03 EDT 2016


While testing our OCF agent[1] for PostgreSQL under Debian with crmsh[2], we
noticed this warning message:

  WARNING: pgsqld: action monitor_Master not advertised in meta-data, it may
  not be supported by the RA

After searching for an hypothetic "monitor_Master" action for OCF, my colleague
finally found we should add some more declaration to our meta-data xml like
the following one: 

 <action name="monitor" depth="0" timeout="10" interval="15" role="Master"/>

Sadly, the attribute "role" is not documented in the ra-dev-guide.

And actually, digging a bit more, we found the authoritative dtd is currently:


We couldn't find any documentation about some attributes and we have some

  * role: what are the accepted values? Master, Slave, anything else?
  * start-delay: 
    * is it a delay for the very first call on monitor?
    * does it applies only on monitor action?
    * does it applies only on action with an interval?
  * depth: is it related to OCF_CHECK_LEVEL?
  * interval: does it applies only on monitor action?

Does anyone knows where to find the definitions of these attributes? If it
doesn't exists, we volunteers to add their definition to the ra-dev-guide
and make a pull-request on github...As far as we have a better understanding of
those :)

[1] https://github.com/dalibo/PAF
[2] http://dalibo.github.io/PAF/Quick_Start-Debian-8.html

Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais

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