[ClusterLabs Developers] problem with master score limited to 1000000

Lars Ellenberg lars.ellenberg at linbit.com
Wed May 20 04:14:36 EDT 2015

On Wed, May 20, 2015 at 09:27:41AM +1000, Andrew Beekhof wrote:
> >> Well, we were looking for a solution with the current implementation of
> >> Pacemaker anyway :)
> >> 
> >> If it's not possible to gently tell to the CRM that it should call pre-promote
> >> again, then breaking the transition roughly is fine enough for us.
> > 
> > We tried to complete the whole election process in only one call of
> > pre-promote. During the call of pre-promote, the node-to-be-promoted is in
> > charge to connect to all other postgresql instances to check if there is a
> > better candidate. If it found a better one, it changes the scores calling
> > crm_master.
> > 
> > It kinda worked, but not as fast as we hoped. This PoC showed that the
> > transition was broken AFTER the first promotion, not after the pre-promote
> > action were all collected.
> Sounds about right.
> Thats why I wasn’t suggesting this as a foolproof approach - because you don’t get precise control over where processing stops. 
> > Thus, slave1 being the lagging slave and slave2 the
> > best candidate, we had:
> > 
> >  * slave1 promoted
> >  * slave1 demoted
> >  * slave 2 promoted
> > 
> > This is actually a really bad scenario for us. We might still have the log
> > files and transition files.
> > 
> > Is it because the crm_master was called from the designated
> > node-to-be-promoted ?
> Nope. Its because there is scope for lots of things to happen between the update being sent and noticed.
> Its also possible that the transition is hard-wired to run action X if the action X_pre_notifys were invoked.
> > 
> > Is it possible to make sure the transition breakage happen as soon as the
> > score change ? 
> The only way to guarantee it is to allow notifications to fail.

Why not fail the promotion instead?  I mean, do best effort to "help"
pacemaker decide what you would like it to, but double check during
promotion, and fail the promotion if you don't like it.

Promotion failure is not a hard failure.
But it will trigger a transition abort and pengine run.

Ok, you don't get sub-second takeover to the "least lagging async replication slave".

But if you need that, you need synchronous replication anyways.
And if you have synchronous replication, you can tell pacemaker,
and it will try to promote the synchronous instance first.

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